Come to Mexico, Where You Can Be Dead, Dead, and Also Dead

Content warning: Frank discussion of sexual violence (r*pe mentioned) and other forms of interpersonal violence, particularly violence against women, in Mexico. Discussion of personal experience with a threatening situation. Until today, the idea of me personally being a human trafficking victim was some Boogeyman used to justify legislation that hurts us (a la SESTA/FOSTA). It […]

Mexico Update

Hey y’all! This week’s blog post will (hopefully) be less depressing than the last Mexico post. First and foremost, the reason I came to Mexico was to pay off my 2018 tax bill, and I FUCKIN DID IT.  Aside from finally getting the tax man off my back, this means that I’ll have way more […]

The Science of Morning Wood by Definitely Not a Scientist

I’ve always found morning wood to be a fascinating phenomenon when witnessed in my penis-bearing partners. After talking with a customer recently, we both realized that we had no idea what causes morning wood. Being the hard-hitting, on-my-beat journalist that I am, I decided to do some research. Morning wood is actually a nighttime phenomenon […]

Custom Orders

Hi there! I’m super stoked that you’re interested in purchasing custom content from me! Below you’ll find the pricing menu, FAQ, and Order Request Form. Custom Content Pricing Menu (Photo, Audio, and Video) Custom Photos Per Photo: $5 Minimum Order: $15 Custom Audio Per Minute: $5 Minimum Order: $15 Custom Video Per Minute: $10 Minimum […]


I’ve been a sex worker for five years. In that time, I’ve encountered a handful of “addiction clients”. Addiction clients, for the purpose of this article, are either: self-professed addicts to sex work (of whatever form – I’ve done them all), or people who are obviously addicted and not capable of stopping in the face […]